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Pause and Reflect

It seems as I continue my path, old energy is getting desperate. It’s hanging on with its last gasps, angry that it’s time for it to transform–to die. There is this quiet anger in the ether– people are being asked to make personal sacrifices more and more, all to save a world aka level of consciousness that CANNOT be saved. Transformation is the life of the universe–it’s how it continues, it’s inescapable.

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Lightworker, What Feeds You?

Who can tell me about my life’s experiences, when they cannot take responsibility for their own? Who can speak with intelligence about people and experiences that they’ve only seen from afar? If you want to have an informed opinion about anything here on terra Earth, the only way to do so is to ENGAGE IN IT. If you’d rather not engage, ask questions, question yourself, your belief system… If you’d rather not do the work of knowing your own divine spark, surely you cannot think you have words of knowledge or wisdom to speak with?? What you have is speculation… nothing more.

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Hold Steady and Turn Up the Light!

Every wise woman and man came this way… They started somewhere. They were the activist, the protestors, the rebels of their time. And, yet, when it is our turn, too many would rather quote Gandi, Yeshua, Martin, Harriet, Buddha, and others, rather than confront, face, welcome and overcome their own conflicts, tests, trials, tribulations and yes, very loud naysayers. If that is your choice– you are no wise person, you are no master.

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I AM a Master, and I’m not afraid.

While I continue to enjoy amazing relationships with different energies, guides, angels and ascended masters– they do not hover anymore. They do not come rushing in with advice or guidance like before. In fact, the feeling I’ve had to get used to for almost a year is that of pregnant stillness and silence. Yes, my crew is still there, yes, the angels gather, and yes the masters before me come and…

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Into the Shadows of me…

Ascension does ask you to eventually release everything. Let go of traditions, beliefs held too tightly, relationships based on ideals rather than love and respect. I give these thing gladly, because I have suffered at my own hand when I’ve tried to hold onto things and people who no longer belong in my life. No one wants to talk about these things. No one wants to mention that what you may have to let go of is your family, your culture, your religion in order to reach the highest, best, and wisest version of you that you can be. But, I will… I’ll talk about it. And, I will let you decide for yourself, and I have chosen to decide for myself.

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What’s it all about?? ME!

To few want to tell the seekers that at some point, the seeking must end. They don’t want to shove students who are no longer so out the door and say, “You’re ready! Now, get the hell out of here and go live!” And, I have a problem with that. I have a soul-stirring, righteous anger problem with that. And, while I acknowledge it is my problem, I also acknowledge that I am done with that game. I am done with the game of “follow the leader”. Who can lead you to yourself, but, you?! Who can live you, but, you?! Who can fulfill your highest vibration, fill the void of what is missing, but, you?! No one! Too few will say that and deal with the consequences of acting on the highest most loving vibration one I AM can express to another. “You are ready! Go live your wisdom!”

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…Let me upgrade you!

Change begins with energy coming to us, and our responding to it. To be aware of this natural process helps to ease the demands on ourselves to meet these changes with as much grace, patience, and acceptance as we can. Resistance doesn’t stop the process, it may slow it down, it may create dis-ease in a myriad of ways, but, it doesn’t stop it… ever. So, it’s not a matter of people not ever changing– that is a fallacy.

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Raven Wings: Loving your whole-self

I think a lot of people thought spirituality was supposed to be a never-ending frolic into whimsy, smiles, laughter and faires all the time. I mean, that’s what the spiritual propaganda machine told you isn’t it? That abundance would be always be this glorious lovely experience, if only you use the secret properly. –That you would always enjoy your conversations with God. For the record: The conversations aren’t good or bad, but, are there to encourage you to develop your highest potential. Your reaction determines whether or not you find it enjoyable. And, you know what?? You won’t all the time! The spirituality machine probably told you the high of happiness and joy are never-ending. And, hey, if you keep your four agreements, perhaps you thought– so would everyone else. My official response to that: ROFLMAO!

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You get twisted… I’m chillin!

Is the world better or worse than it was before? I’m going to say, that’s negligible, because it’s not about the world… it’s about YOU. This is the “secret” everyone is avoiding. The world is reflecting us, back to us. And, until we own our own shit, it’s always going to look a certain way to those with no eyes to see what’s really going on. The world is a macrocosm, outwardly reflecting workings of the inner workings of the microcosm, you and me. I don’t know why intellect wants to make this more complicated than it is. Perhaps if it seems complicated, you’ll do nothing about yourself and someone will benefit off of your ignorance. That never happens, right? LOL

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